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As a criminal defence lawyer, barrister and employment lawyer, we can help you deal with a wide range of legal problems.

As an Auckland criminal defence lawyer, David has over 28 years of experience working on criminal cases, and has an array of legal expertise to help you get the best result possible. As one of Auckland’s best criminal defence lawyers he draws on his extensive legal knowledge to represent & negotiate proceedings for his clients.

David will guide you through the legal process, providing you with strong representation whether at the police station or in court. Let David Young handle your case for you.

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David Young - Criminal Defence Lawyer

David Young is a trusted and experienced Auckland criminal defence lawyer. He has over 28 years of experience as a criminal barrister, and graduated from the University of Auckland with a double Bachelor’s degree in law and commerce.

Over the years, David has represented clients in a wide range of matters, providing legal representation in district courts as well as to the Court of Appeal.

He has appeared as counsel in some of the most serious criminal jury trials in New Zealand, including Operation Major, where shipments of crystal methamphetamine were caught, and Operation Eight, which uncovered suspicious military-style training camps.

A Friendly Criminal Defence Lawyer in Auckland, New Zealand

Friendly, accommodating and sensitive to their needs, David Young treats every client with respect, regardless of the accusations against them. David is a criminal defence lawyer Auckland residents can trust to defend their case, with their interests at heart. We take time to listen to your side of the story and answer all your legal questions with clear, easy-to-understand information ‒ so that everyone has a full grasp of the situation and the possible outcomes of the case. We provide legal representation at courts across Auckland.

What Does a Criminal Defence Lawyer Do?

David Young provides legal representation and advice for a range of criminal matters, providing defence for serious criminal offences, including accusations of fraud, drug possession/trafficking, kidnapping, smuggling and class-A manslaughter.

We aim to achieve a positive result in your case, whether you are seeking to prove your innocence or lighten your sentence.

If you are facing criminal charges, trust David G Young, criminal defence lawyer, to provide you with strong legal representation.

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Recent Cases

2012 Operation Acacia – R v Poon cri 2010-004-12426 Possession of class A for supply x 9 –High Court -Acquitted on 2 counts convicted on 7

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2015 unlawful sexual connection x 3 and possession of pornographic material charges withdrawn prior to trial following successful negotiation with police and client pleaded guilty to abduction and receiving home detention

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2015 sexual violation (rape ) in backpackers lodge case dismissed after successful 147 application following crown case

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