About David G Young

David Young, Criminal Defence Lawyer

I will no doubt hear a lot about you in the course of us working together.

So it’s only fair I tell you something about myself as well.

I graduated from the University of Auckland with double Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce degrees and began practising law in 1989 – giving me more than 25 years experience as a criminal defence lawyer.

I have had the privilege of representing clients on a wide range of matters from the district court to the court of appeal. I have appeared as counsel in some of the country’s most serious criminal jury trials including operation major and operation eight. The results I have achieved have been excellent.

I have appeared as counsel in many jury trials involving drugs, sexual offending, kidnapping and robbery. I have also appeared as co counsel on a highly complex serious fraud trial involving a former finance company and as counsel on a recent case involving manslaughter. Some clients want lawyers who will tell them what they want to hear, I am sorry however but I am not one of them. I will give you frank advice and if an acquittal is achievable I will offer a robust defence on your behalf. I also spent several years working for one of the country’s largest law firms doing employment law so if you have a personal grievance I can help you with that too.

My goal is to treat every client with respect and to get the very best result I can – whatever your circumstances.

Whether you’re looking for a lawyer to defend you with vigour or you simply want assistance to get a reduced sentence, contact me now and let me help you.

David Young

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