Recent Cases



2022 R v M Aggravated Robbery – case dismissed pursuant to s 147 at end of Crown case.

2022 R V D Aggravated Robbery and Possession of firearm – Not guilty verdicts and guilty on remaining charges.

2021 R V H Wounding –Verdict –Hung Jury

2021 R V N Driving with Excess blood Alcohol – Discharged without conviction

2021 R V W -Wounding with intent -Hung Jury.

2020 R V H CRI 2019-044-000307- Sexual Violation –Verdict –Not Guilty

2020 R V H Sexual violation (3) and supplying class A (3 complainants) – Sexual violation charges withdrawn at trial pleaded guilty to sexual connection (2) and indecent act (2)

2020 R v T Driving with Excess Breath Alcohol – Discharged without conviction

2019 R V H Sexual Violation by rape x 3 ( 3 complainants ), sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection x 3, doing an indecent act x 3, supplying methamphetamine x 1, male assault female x 1 – Rape charges withdrawn at trial, supplying
class A withdrawn at trial, Male Assault female withdrawn at trial -client pleaded guilty to sexual connection with young person x 2, indecent act x 2

2018 R v S CRI 2018-092-009213 Importing 3.9 kilos class A drug methamphetamine sentenced to 7.3 years imprisonment no MPI 

Parole Board
2018 R v W Granted Parole after serving 16 years for Murder

2015 sexual violation (rape) in backpackers lodge case dismissed after successful 147 application during trial

2015 unlawful sexual connection x 3 and possession of pornographic material charges withdrawn prior to trial following successful negotiation with police and client pleaded guilty to abduction and received home

2015 Client charged with unlawful sexual connection x 2, rape x 1, kidnapping x 1 and injuring with intent x 1: verdict Not Guilty on all charges

2015 R V W – Careless use of motor vehicle causing death –result –discharge without conviction and permanent name suppression

2014 R V W Manufacturing methamphetamine verdict- Not Guilty

2014- R V H ( Belgrave Finance ) 2014 [ NZHC ] 1579- Serious Fraud and Financial Markets Authority prosecution of former lawyer Client found not guilty on 25 charges and convicted on 14

2012 Operation Acacia – R v P CRI 2010-004-12426 Possession of class A for supply x 9 –High Court – verdict Not Guilty on 2 counts convicted on 7

2011 Operation eight ( Terror raids trial)–R v W CRI 2008-404-000342 
Accused one of 19 originally charged following the” Urewa terror raids”-High Court- charges withdrawn following Court of Appeal decision on search and seizure.

2011 R v P – CRI 2010-004-013010 injures with intent (sex) – verdict Not Guilty

2010 R v V CRI 2006-044-08239 – Manufacturing Methamphetamine 
District Court- permanent Stay of Proceedings granted

2009 Operation Major – R v L CRI 2007-004-18086 Importing 135 Kg of class C 
namely pseudoephedrine-High Court –verdict not guilty (largest importation of its kind )-verdict  Not Guilty

2008 Operation Sabre – R v Gou CRI 2004-004-18566- importing – importing $3 million class B drug ecstasy- High Court –verdict Not Guilty (retrial first trial hung jury)

2008 R v F CRI 2007-0907023 Manslaughter – by injecting acquaintance with lethal cocktail of drugs – and possession of cannabis for supply-High Court –verdict Not Guilty on both counts

2004 Operation Illusion R v L CRI-2003-090-10609 Supplying class B-District Court– Convicted

2002 R v L- Kidnapping, Aggravated Burglary and Burglary – guilty plea and sentence reduced following appeal to Court of Appeal.

Successful; appeal to court of appeal

R v M Successful appeal against pretrial ruling to allow unlawfully obtained evidence


R v L – Kidnapping-Sentence reduced

R v W – Fraud – Successful appeal and Retrial granted

R v R – Drugs – Crown appeal against sentence dismissed

R v S – Sexual violation – Sentence reduced

R v M  – Kidnapping and aggravated robbery successful appeal evidence excluded

R v H – Importing 3.9 kilo methamphetamine sentence reduced